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Positive Behavior for Learning
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What is it?

PB4L is a consistent, school wide system of support that helps define, teach and support appropriate student behaviors, creating  a positive school environment.
PB4L was developed  by the Ministry of Education  after lengthy research into what is effective behavior  and what support schools need to help students and teachers bring out the best in each other.

Who is PB4L for?

PB4L is for all schools. PB4L helps to make schools better places to live, work and learn. It does so by giving schools tools to build comprehensive, school wide systems that support academic and behavioral learning for all students

How will PB4L help my child?

  • PB4L promotes a positive student behavior by building the school and teachers knowledge, understanding and skills in applying effective school-wide behavior systems. Thus, less interruptions and disruptive behavior in the class so that effective teaching can take place and student achievement becomes paramount.
  • PB4L boosts students engagement in learning by increasing attendance and improving student behavior.
  • PB4L helps schools deliver highest quality learning programmes to improve student academic and behavioral learning

At NVS PB4L is the key to our students success.  Our staff have constructed a behavior learning system aligned to our vision, embedding our values, our teaching philosophies and the NZ curriculum key competencies.
The expectations of how our school community interact are clearly guided through these areas.

We believe that with staff and BOT working alongside our students and families  -we will achieve our mission statement -"every child reaching their full potential academically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To be the best they can be."

That through hard work and following our values  "We will REAP what we sow."