School Values and Code of Conduct

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Throughout the school the children are surrounded by our values and positive behaviour Philosophy.

“We REAP what we sow.”
R – Respect
– Effort
– Achievement
– Participation

In these four areas we encourage the children to think, use and develop. They are supported by our 8 cornerstone values:

• Kindness
• Respect
• Obedience
• Duty
• Responsibility
• Compassion
• Honesty and truthfulness
• Justice

The 16 Habits of Mind - habits and thinking skills that once installed, shall help you throughout life, thus making our children lifelong learners;

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• Persisting
• Managing impulsivity
• Thinking about thinking
• Listening to others with empathy and understanding
• Thinking Flexibly
• Striving for accuracy and precision
• Questioning and posing problems
• Applying past knowledge to new situations
• Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision
• Gathering Data through all senses
• Creating, imagining and innovating
• Responding with wonderment and awe
• Taking responsible risks
• Learning continuously
• Finding humour
• Thinking interdependently

All of which are naturally supported by the 5 Key Competencies from the NZ Curriculum.

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• Managing Self
• Thinking
• Participating and Contributing
• Understanding symbols and text
• Relating to others