Our Principal

Maria Gillard

Mrs Gillard
Welcome to our school. I have the wonderful privilege of being the principal of Ngakonui Valley School.

Ngakonui Valley School has a lot to offer your child/children. We are a full primary offering education from Year 0/1 to Year 8.

We take pride in the knowledge that despite our size, your children perform strongly against children from the much bigger town schools in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. We are the ideal size; large enough to offer a range of sporting, technological and artistic pursuits yet small enough to retain the best of the New Zealand, rural school tradition.

We provide a relaxed, family, country atmosphere with a strong school spirit where everyone participates in extensive school wide programmes. Our community has a long history of strong and active involvement with the school. We are well resourced with: school library; spacious playing fields; swimming pool; the full use of the Ngakonui Hall and a small native reserve.

We believe in setting firm guidelines of behaviour. We actively promote high standards through the Cornerstone Values Approach to teach and reinforce the 8 cornerstone values. We have a behaviour learning programme that is focussed on the positive and helping our students grow into great kids.

We have a focus on caring for the environment in a way that is sustainable. We believe in looking good, doing our best and helping each other. This means
Parents/Caregivers are as important to us as your children. We are a caring team, which includes our teaching staff, School secretary, Board of Trustees, teacher aides and caretaker, doing our best to ensure we work together effectively while educating and managing your children’s education. This website will provide you with some important information about our school.

We look forward to a long association with you and your family, Please feel free to contact me to make a time to discuss your child’s unique learning needs, so together we can prepare them for their future; a future filled with exciting opportunities made possible through education received at Ngakonui Valley.

Kind Regards

Maria Gillard